Bee Erdnase 1902 Acorn backs

The green version of these were the second in the series of Conjuring Arts' commemorative Erdnase 1902 brand cards, and were later released in a red version. The backs are designed by Guy Hollingworth (with additional face artwork by Dan White) and they are printed on Bee Casino 825 paper stock. The back design features the illustrations of hands from the book "Expert at the Card Table" by S. W. Erdnase, as well as the "Acorn" with his initials. Contrary to the Smith backs, they have white borders. They are traditionally cut and come in both Ivory (smooth) and Cambric (Air-Cushion) finishes. The number cards have smaller corner pips and numbers, and the court cards are "old style" court cards. Comes with two custom Jokers, the standard Bee Ace of Spades and an info card about the "Expert at the Card Table" book.