Bicycle Limited Edition Series

This is a discontinued series by USPCC where only the first two were produced. A total of ten editions were planned for the series, but the last 8 designs have never been released. The boxes are marked "Series 1 of 10" and "Series 2 of 10", respectively. Most of the text on the box is also written in french. Both have standard Bicycle faces, including the Ace of Spades, and come with 2 custom Jokers (one of which has a guarantee). The first in the series was a white deck that offered low ink to stock ratio which was amazing for performance aspects. It offered smooth handling and durability. The second was the blue deck which had a high ink to stock ratio so it broke down faster but had a stronger eye appeal. The deck featured silver ink markings through out the design.

LtdSeries1.jpg Limited%20Edition%201%20Fan.JPGLtdSeries2.jpg Limited%20Edition%202%20Fan.JPG