Bicycle New Fan Back (black/white reprints)

The New Fan Backs are a vintage design, and these reprints were produced by magician Zenneth Kok. They were printed in two editions: white on black and black on white. Due to a mishap in the printing process, the white edition became more limited with only 1000 left. Zenneth only sold these along with his other products as a way make his magic productions more well-known. The boxes feature gold seals, and the cards come with 2 standard Jokers, an older style Ace of Spades, a double backed gaff card (the black deck has a white/black, while the white deck has a white/white) and a 0 of hearts (makes it possible to spell L-O-V-E with a seven, the 0, an Ace and a 3).

Bicycle%20New%20Fan%20Black.JPG Bicycle%20New%20Fan%20White.JPG