Bicycle Pink Ribbon Edition (Breast Cancer)

Three different versions of this deck have been released. They feature ribbons on all the faces as well as part of the back design. The first version, as well as some of the third versions, comes with a custom seal, which is white and pink with a ribbon on it. The second edition has "The Breast Cancer Research Foundation" printed on the front. All versions share the pink rider backs and the pink colour scheme on the faces; most noticably the court cards, the all-pink Jokers, and the pink heart and diamond pips. The first and third versions state that "10% from the net sales of this deck of cards will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation" while the second version states that "15 cents from each deck of cards purchased will be donated…".

PinkRibbon.jpg Bicycle%20Pink%20Ribbon%20Boxes.JPGBicycle%20Breast%20Cancer%20info%20card.jpg