Bicycle Seconds

Bicycle Seconds are the USPCC factory seconds. This means that the cards may have minor printing defects, like being printed slightly off-centre. In all other aspects they are just like regular Bicycle Rider Backs. The picture shows two different box designs, of which the lower ones are older. Out of two Seconds decks aquired, one of them had extremely smooth edges that would allow you to farro shuffle. On the other, the ink had been over used and everything on it was bolder & darker. So over all the defects may vary. This deck is great for collectors, and a cheap but decent practice deck for cardists. If you manage to get a really messed up Second, it's a creative way to find Gaff cards for magic.

Stock 325 Bicycle
Finish Air Cushion
Ink/Stock Ratio Varies
Printed Too Many :)
Uncut Sheets N/A