Bicycle Zippo Set

This set includes a Zippo lighter in the colours of a red Bicycle deck, and a Zippo-customized deck of red Bicycle playing cards. They have regular red Rider backs and standard faces, including the Ace of Spades. Comes with two custom Zippo "Jokers" (they are in no way marked as Jokers or bear any resemblance to regular Jokers) and two Zippo ad/info cards.


The back of the Zippo box reads:

"High Rollers place your bets! The world-famous products of two American companies, the makers of Bicycle playing cards and Zippo windproof lighters, are double teamed in Zippo's lastest gift set. Together, the makers of Bicycle playing cards and Zippo have a combined 203 years commitment to excellence in producing two legendary world recognized products, playing cards and pocket lighters.

This combination gift set ups the ante with a standard deck of Bicycle playing cards, plus four bonus Zippo-customized cards, and a white matte Zippo lighter featuring a color imaging design.

A fun reminder that legendary products are still Made in the U.S.A."