Gargoyles Expo

This deck was produced in 2010 for the Label Expo Americas show in Chicago, and it's 100% plastic. It features the original artwork for the Gargoyles deck and comes in a fully illustrated cellophane wrapper. The faces are standard Bicycle faces. The initial purpose of the Expo deck was to test the depth of shades available on the flexography printing press, so it was all done in shades of grey. It also features a technology called micro-printing which helps aide against counterfeiting. The micro printing on the expo can be found in the center of the design with 100X magnifacation. Lance Miller created a secret web page discussing the micro printing further. To access the hidden web page, scan the QR code with a smart phone. The deck also comes with 2 custom Jokers (one big and one small), a custom Ace of Spades and an info card. This deck is perfect for back palming Magicians.

Stock Plastic
Finish N/A
Ink/Stock Ratio N/A
Printed 400
Uncut N/A

Note: This deck has been know to split or shatter if it impacts a surface at a high speed from dropping or card throwing.