Texan 45 Palmetto

Texan Palmetto's feature a borderless back design consisting of palm leaves around a circular seal with a six-pointed star in the middle. Slightly different shades in the corners makes them subtle one-way backs. They have standard Bicycle faces, which includes the Ace of Spades apart from the extra text printed on it: "International Playing Card Company Limited, Markham, Ontario, Canada". Comes with 1 Texan Joker, which depicts a cowboy riding a horse behind the image of a large star that has a ’45 in its center, and a guarantee Joker (all text).

Texan%20Palmetto%20Red.JPG Texan%20Palmetto%20Blue.JPG

”Jeff Busby’s Secret of the Palmettos” is a 124 page book dedicated to methods and effects with the Texan 45 Palmetto Back. It was written in 1998 and is now out of print.

Marlboro Texan

Marlboro Texan No. 45's were first produced by Russel, Morgan & Co of Cincinnati in the 1880s. The Loan Star, a symbol of the state of Texas, forms a simple one-way back design. Comes with 2 Texan Loan Star Jokers and an info card.

MarlboroTexanCourt.jpg TexanMarlboroDoubleBox.jpg

Texan No. 45 1889

This edition of Texan No. 45's was first printed in 1889 by Russel, Morgan & Co. in Cincinnati. They went out of production for 80 years, but were brought back into circulation by the United States Playing Card Co in more recent times. The cards are slightly tinted to give them an antique look. The court card designs are reflective of the period. They are printed on embossed paper card stock.

Texan1889Box.jpg Texan1889.jpg