De'vo's Blades

This deck is designed and produced by De'vo vom Schattenreich, "the co-founder of the artform of card manipulation separate from magic in 2001 (XCM)". According to it's description in the store, it "was created by De’vo for his personal collection to be used for XCM and for playing card games. De’vo decided to make this deck available to his fans/collectors through his personal store". It features silver metallic ink on Tally Ho stock and USPCC's Magic Finish. The box indicates that these are the "Silver Edition", and the bar code says "Blades 1st Edition" in leet speak. The back design incorporates 17 different weapons, and has (relatively thin) black borders which contrasts to the white faces. Comes with two custom, black faced Jokers (one with it's sword in and the other with it's sword out), a custom Ace of Spades, special coloured court cards, a blank faced gaff card and a black blank faced ad card.

Blades%20of%20De%27vo%20fan.JPG Blades%20of%20De%27vo%20giant%20fan.JPG