Heraclio Fournier is located in Spain, and is the largest playing card manufacturer in Europe. The company was acquired by the USPCC in 1986. They are well-known for their quality control.

Fournier 505

The 505's are Fournier's standard deck, with fairly stiff stock and a smooth finish. Comes with 3 Jokers.

Fournier505B.jpg Fournier505R.jpg

Fournier 605

Very similar to the 505's. Lee Asher's signature deck.

Fournier605B.jpg Fournier605G.jpg

"The Fournier Quality is based on:

An exclusive selection of the best raw materials and a manufacturing process equipped with
strict quality controls that result in a unique product with the following characteristics:

Perfect printing and perfect slide.
Impeccable printing free of defects or marks. An exclusive varnish formula that guarantees the precise slide.
All of the playing cards have an exact size.
Thanks to the individualised cutting system, all the cards have exactly equal size, with perfectly rounded corners.
Maximum resistance and durability.
The cards are designed to maintain their original form and to be handled for a large number of hours without
suffering tears or symptoms of wear."