Pentad deck

The Pentad deck commemorates J. C. Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s 5 year milestone as "Asia's Most Lethal Combination in Magic". Designed & hand-drawn by an artist based in Japan, the card back is a “manga”-inspired potpourri of artistic imagery featuring signature elements of the magic duo. The name "Pentad" is a Pythagorean term for the quantity of five and also refers to a period of five years. It is printed on Gemaco stock and features standard Gemaco faces. The box is an all-silver tuck case with a clear front window that shows off the playing card back design. Comes with 2 standard Gemaco Jokers (one in color, one in black and white), a standard Gemaco Ace of Spades, and a blank faced gaff card.


More info on J.C. Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning can be found here.