Whiteknuckle cards only came in red at first, then when the second color was released, the box design was slightly changed. The back design is quartered in dual colour and features outlines of the four suits laid on top of each other. This deck, like most, was not designed for the purpose of manipulation or magic. It was produced by an Art studio as a work of art on playing cards. Each card was given weeks of individual attention and no two are similar. At the end of the day, this deck is perfect for collectors. This isn't just another deck to collect, it's 52 art pieces. Comes with 2 identical Jokers (one red and one black), and a blank faced gaff card.

Finish Air Cushion
Stock 325 Bicycle
Ink to Stock Ratio 4
Edges Semi Smooth
Printed N/A
Uncut Sheets N/A
Whiteknuckle%20Red.JPG Whiteknuckle%20Blue.JPG