Theory11's Sentinels were made in collaboration with Hatch, an industry leading design firm in San Francisco, California. The design was partly inspired by the promotional deck for JAQK Cellars. They are printed on "an all new 909 Premium Finish". The box is printed on imported paper 40% thicker than normal tuck cases and has metallic accents on all six sides. Comes with two custom different colored jokers, a custom Ace of Spades, custom designed faces (court and pip cards) and a double backed gaff card.


Theory11 engaged Hatch to design a custom, limited-edition deck of playing cards inspired by Hermeticism, the ancient set of philosophical and religious beliefs based on the Egyptian writings associated with the Greek God Hermes.

Hatch designed the Sentinel playing cards to include a royal court that represents the three parts of wisdom - Alchemy (Jacks), Astronomy (Queens), Theurgy (Kings) – as well as The All (Ace of Spades). The elements of earth, fire, water, and air were also applied to the suits and are represented by graphic symbols throughout the deck.